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What should be paid attention to for high-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine?

Jul 22 2020

High-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine, it is generally composed of paper feeding mechanism, PVC Paper Sticking Machine mechanism and paper pressing mechanism. The paper feeding mechanism is composed of upper and lower layers, and PVC Paper Sticking Machine is composed of upper and lower layers. Note for high-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine:

The quality of the tissue paper will lead to inaccurate mounting of the high-speed PVC Paper Sticking Machine. In daily consumption, the gripping parts of the tissue paper are torn due to the inaccurate transfer of the grippers of each group when the tissue is printed. When mounting with PVC Paper Sticking Machine, it is easy to bump the tissue paper into a bent or folded state during the paper feeding process. After mounting, the surface paper will not be aligned with the corrugated cardboard. When such a situation occurs, we must adjust the handover time of the gripper to avoid tearing the gripper edge of the tissue.
PVC Paper Sticking Machine
In addition, if the moisture content of the tissue is not suitable or the stacking is not uniform, it is easy to cause the edge of the gripper to appear curled. At this time, the front gauge working surface on the paper feeding chain and the edge of the gripper paper are not in a straight line contact and push state. In this situation, the laminated cardboard will also make the face paper protrude obviously from the corrugated cardboard, which will be affected by die cutting.

The protruding tissue paper is easy to bend and the pre-regular position is not correct, and the semi-waste product cut out will also cause errors. This requires us to control the moisture content of the facial paper, and avoid high moisture content to reduce its stiffness.