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Is the cheap vacuum press machine worth buying?

Jul 01 2021

On this issue, you should only be happy the moment you finish bargaining! And when you use vacuum press machine, you may not be happy once, because many problems and troubles will follow one after another. The total cost of cheap things may not be very low, it just makes up for the money saved in other aspects. Let's imagine that the manufacturer saves the cost that should have been used to manufacture a certain item, then the products produced must be unqualified, right? Well, they sell it to you at a very cheap price. You seem to be happy because you picked up a big bargain? Not to mention its service life, we will consider it from a safety point of view. Do you really dare to use it?

Is it really worth buying a good quality vacuum press machine? At the moment of giving money, I believe most people should feel distressed! But, every day when you use it, you will definitely be happy, and you will feel special value. After many years of use, the machinery seems to have not been overhauled, even if there is a small problem, the manufacturer will repair it in time, and the after-sales service is very good. For example, if you buy a piece of clothing for several thousand yuan, you may feel very distressed at the moment you pay, and it feels too expensive. But when you have passed through for a period of time, you have really discovered its value, it is resistant to dirt, the ball does not fade, and so on. Compared to a few hundred yuan a piece, you suddenly find that this sum of money is very worthwhile!

The prerequisite of service is profit. Every company needs to survive. Profits can be appropriately reduced but not disappear. You have taken away all the profits that guarantee survival. Then who can guarantee the quality of machinery and after-sales service? It is impossible for these machinery and equipment companies to pay for your after-sales at a loss, right? In fact, think about it seriously, as long as you can ensure that the service can keep up with the machine after you buy it, and the price is acceptable, it is already very worthwhile!