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What problems should be paid attention to in the operation of PVC Paper Sticking Machine

Jul 16 2020

     When using PVC Paper Sticking Machine, we generally need to pay attention to the following five questions:

    1. Cleaning issues

    Since the water-based environmentally friendly glue dries quickly, if it is still and does not flow, it will dry into a solid block. If it is attached to the glue roller or the pressure roller, it will cause the local glue to be too small or the local pressure to be too large when applying pressure. Therefore, keep the glue roller and pressure roller clean during the laminating process. If there is too much dust in the surrounding environment of the PVC Paper Sticking Machine, snowflakes will appear in the printed matter, so you should pay attention to environmental hygiene. If the glue is not used up, it should be poured back into the plastic bucket and sealed, or filtered before gluing.

    2. Powder spraying of printed matter

    The water-based glue itself is also limited by solubility. If the printed matter is too large, the excess part cannot be completely dissolved by the glue, and large areas of snow will appear. To solve this problem, the upper and lower processes can be coordinated to minimize the amount of powder sprayed during printing. At the same time, increase the amount of glue appropriately, increase the ability of the glue to dissolve and spray powder, and clean the surface of the printed matter with suspended powder spray before lamination.
PVC Paper Sticking Machine
    3. Discoloration of printed matter

    It mainly appears in large-area printing and bronzing products. This is due to the chemical reaction between the chemically active elements in the glue and the gold powder. If you encounter this problem, we can use special gold ink or special glue for the gold printing products, or first mount and then hot stamp, the effect is also very good.

    Four, paper and plastic separation

    This phenomenon is easy to appear in full-page prints, because the surface ink layer is thick, the glue is difficult to wet, spread, penetrate, and the bonding is not strong. We can use the following solutions: 1. For this product, use glue with a large solid content; 2. Increase the thickness of the glue layer appropriately; 3. Increase the outside temperature during mounting and during product drying; 4. Check the glue Whether it has deteriorated; 5. Check whether the film corona treatment is invalid.

    Five, product deformation

    There are several reasons for this situation: 1. The amount of glue is too large, because the amount of glue will inevitably make the paper absorb a lot of water, and the paper will be deformed when a large amount of water is absorbed; 2. The film stretches and deforms seriously, and should be adjusted appropriately at this time The tension of the film, as long as the film can be smoothly bonded to the paper, the smaller the tension, the better; 3. The winding tension is too large, and the product can be wound on the roll after the covering The smaller the tightness, the better; 4. The temperature difference and humidity difference of the external environment where the film is located is too large.