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What are the use skills of the laminating machine?

Mar 16 2021

The laminating machine is a special equipment that combines newspaper printing with dipping plastic. Compared with the laminating machine, its great feature is that there is no dispensing, adjusting and drying part. Therefore, this type of laminating machine has a compact structure, a small body size, a low project budget, a simple operation process, and a good product quality.
The laminating machine consists of four important parts: dipping plastic film unwinding, newspaper printing automatic input, laminating area composite, automatic unwinding, as well as transmission gears, dipping plastic film processing, horizontal and vertical slitting, and computer automatic It is composed of auxiliary equipment such as automatic control system.
1. The automatic transport mechanism of the newspaper printing input part can ensure that the newspaper printing does not cause overlap and lock to enter the composite part during transmission. It is generally controlled by pneumatic or friction methods. The same is true when printing newspapers with small composite widths. The above requirements can be considered.
2. The composite part includes composite roller group and smoothing roller group. The composite roller group is composed of pressure roller and pressure roller with silica gel heating. The hot pressure roller is a hollow roller, equipped with heating equipment, the surface is forged with hard chromium, and is polished and finely polished.