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The quality standard of the laminating machine and the maintenance method to extend the life.

Feb 09 2021

First, the quality standard of the laminating machine after printing:

1. The color of the printed pattern remains unchanged, and it does not change color under sunlight, baking, and ultraviolet radiation.

2. The film is bonded firmly, the film layer cannot be separated easily, the surface is clean and flat, not fuzzy, with good finish, no wrinkles and powder foil marks. Any wrinkles and creases are unqualified products.

3. Laminated products must not be curled, the size after division is accurate, the edges are flat and smooth, and there should be no film or film loss. The breach does not exceed 4 mm.

4. After coating, the degree of drying is appropriate without sticking to the surface. On the solid and dark areas where the ink is thicker, no sandy, streak, or worm-like film protrusions should appear.

5. The product quality will remain unchanged for 10-20 hours after coating.

Second, to extend the life of the laminating machine is mainly the maintenance of the motor when in use, and the following points should be paid attention to:

1. Clean up debris, dirt on the motor, nearby debris, and stay away from flammable and explosive materials.

2. Before starting, check whether the machine rotates smoothly, whether it is blocked, and whether the belt connection is normal; if there is any abnormality, do not continue to start the glue binding machine.

3. The voltage should be in line with the rated voltage when starting; the general voltage value is about 5% to 10% of the rated voltage value.

4. After the motor fails, the power supply must be cut off and it cannot be used continuously; it should be repaired by a professional.

For the length of the life of the laminating machine, as long as the correct operation, maintenance and maintenance are maintained; other parts also need to be well maintained; careful maintenance and maintenance are a good way to extend the life of the machine.