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Fault analysis of vacuum membrane press machine

May 14 2020

Vacuum membrane press machine has now become a product with applications in many fields, so how to deal with the following problems during use?
If the corners of the film-covered product are pushed open by the tortuous paper, and the resulting bond is not true, then we need to adopt relevant methods to minimize the width of the corners to ensure the bond The false width is within the cutting range of the film, so as to improve the film yield.
The vacuum membrane press machine can coat the plastic film with adhesive, and print it with paper as the substrate, and press the rubber roller and the heating roller to press together, so that it is easy to form a paper-plastic product. In order to ensure its service life and working efficiency, the device must be accurate, so it is necessary to know the precautions before the device.
Before the installation, you need to fully understand the construction scheme of the vacuum laminator. You should consider the various factors that are not conducive to the operation of the laminator, and install the device according to the operating instructions.