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Description of common problems of laminating machine

Oct 15 2020

Introduction to common problems of laminating machine:

1. Laminating accuracy: The laminating accuracy is related to the paper itself, but the main problem still lies in the mechanical structure. Whether it is a new machine or a repaired machine, after a period of time, the fitting accuracy will be abnormal. These problems are mainly caused by the following points:

(1) The positioning chain is worn (stretched).

(2) The positioning claw is worn (referring to the base of the chain).

(3) The driving sprocket of the positioning claw is worn.

Of course, there are other factors caused by running wear, such as: the glue wheel bearing wear; the four-wheel set gear gap is too large and so on. These problems have brought troubles to the operators and the die-cutting department of the later stage.

2. Degumming and staining: if there is too much glue, it will fly glue and then stain, and if there is less glue, it will be degummed. This is divided into two aspects: the nature and concentration of the glue, the wear of the glue wheel and the rubber wheel; or the balance gap between the cleaning water wheel and the rubber wheel; and the wear of the bearing or the shaft head.

3. Feida paper output: In this case, double or multiple papers are output. Generally, such problems are caused by insufficient blowing pressure and flow due to the wear of the vacuum gang.

4. Corrugated paper output: In this case, the paper output belt is thinned, friction is reduced, and the power of the high-pressure blower is insufficient.

5. Production speed: The general speed is 2500-4500 sheets/hour.