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Check and analyze the fully automatic laminating machine before use.

Dec 17 2020

fully automatic laminating machine needs to be checked regularly to check whether rubber and grease are stuck on the rubber roller. If there is, clean up the glue and dust on the roller in time. Ensure that the appearance of the two rollers is clean. The appearance of each roller must be inspected and cleaned, not only after each use of the machine, but also regularly inspected and cleaned.

Use glue thinner to wash and wipe each roller with a soft towel. It is strictly forbidden to use sharp tools to scrape the surface of the roller. Every time the machine is turned on, wipe the dust on the surface of each roller. Computerized hot stamping machine and check whether the appearance of each roller of the machine is black. When the machine shows defects or abnormal dynamics, it is necessary to analyze and find the cause in time and eradicate it. Only when the machine is all normal can it continue to work.

fully automatic laminating machine

The edge line of the scraper blade of the fully automatic laminating machine should be flat and flexible. When there are winding, teeth, curling, etc., it needs to be trimmed and exchanged in time. Use 0.15~0.20 mm manganese steel skin or offset printing machine The blade is exchanged in accordance with the original standard.

Regularly add lubricating oil to the transmission parts and sliding surfaces of the fully automatic laminating machine to ensure that the machine is in excellent lubrication condition. Especially the large bearing of the pressing roller, due to the high pressure and high temperature, the lubricating oil will evaporate and lose, so the high-temperature lubricating oil must be dwarfed in time so that it can operate normally under high temperature and high pressure. The floor slab support of the fully automatic laminating machine uses a steel pipe bracket composed of connecting parts and steel pipes, and gradually opens perfectly into a fastener-type steel pipe bracket.