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Analyze the purchase instructions of the paper lamination machine.

Nov 16 2020

Choose a brand. Generally speaking, choosing a brand means choosing a manufacturer.

1. Choose large factories with a large range of consumption and strong technical strength. Because the performance and quality of the paper lamination machine it consumes is relatively stable and reliable, the after-sales quality is also relatively guaranteed, and it can stand the test of time and application.

2. Choose model. paper lamination machine are divided into three types according to models: complete manual operation and simple structure, automatic, semi-automatic and fully automatic. The structure, performance and price of paper laminators of different models are also quite different. The choice of what type of laminating machine to stop consumption mainly depends on the structure and characteristics of the factory's products. Reasonably arranging suitable machines to stop consumption is relatively beneficial to improving consumption efficiency and quality.

paper lamination machine

3. Choose specifications. The specification of the paper laminator is relative to the length of the roller. In order to prevent the waste of the formation of adhesives, energy consumption and the improvement of consumption costs, so in comparison with diversified factories in the product structure, the specifications should be selected as appropriate. Proper selection of paper laminators in different ranges in proportion to meet the requirements of efficient and reasonable consumption. Some factories mainly use narrow-width products. In order to make the machines conform to large-scale products, they purchase all large-scale machines and stop consumption, thinking that the purchase of large-scale machines can be “large or small” to be more compliant. In practice, This approach is not advisable.

4. Choose the price. Price is one of the important factors that determine the cost of consumption and an important part of factory procurement. As each factory's consumption ability, consumption range, management style, etc. are different, their prices are also different. Therefore, when choosing the price, you can “shop around and visit the users” under the condition of “comparing the three”, so that I have a relatively accurate and clear understanding of the printing equipment market, and ensure that the price is suitable and the performance is reliable. Laminating machine.

5. Choose applicability. The paper mounting machine purchased should meet the economic, reasonable, high-quality, and efficient consumption requirements, so as to improve consumption efficiency and quality and reduce consumption costs. The factory should affirm the purchase intention of the machine according to the characteristics of the product structure. Small batches and small specifications should purchase manual paper laminators to stop laminating; large quantity, hard surface paper and products with high quality requirements should be purchased The semi-automatic and fully automatic paper laminating machine stops laminating. Do not buy a fully automatic laminating machine for long-term laminating of small batches, small specifications and uneven paper carton products.