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Analysis of the causes of wrinkles during processing of fully automatic pur laminating machine

Jun 19 2020

There are actually many reasons that affect the wrinkle when fully automatic pur laminating machine is covered. Generally speaking, this is affected by the three major factors of temperature, pressure and speed. Because such products are rare in the market, customers also encounter a lot of troubles. Below fully automatic pur laminating machine manufacturers will analyze the influence of the three factors.

First of all, the temperature is the first key to the film. The adhesive used for pre-coating is hot melt adhesive. The temperature actually determines the melting state of the hot melt adhesive and the leveling performance of the hot melt adhesive. If there is an error, It is still more likely to cause wrinkles.
fully automatic pur laminating machine
The second is pressure. It is necessary to use proper pressure while correctly controlling the enchanting temperature, because the surface of the paper itself is not very smooth. Only under the pressure, the hot melt adhesive in the state of viscous flow can drive away the air on the surface of the printed matter. Fully wet the paper print surface.

This is the main cause of the wrinkling of the fully automatic pur laminating machine film. The last point is the speed. The change in speed determines the time for the pre-coated film and the paper print to achieve adhesion. The above is the analysis of the three main factors that affect the wrinkle of the laminating machine when laminating.