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TCB-Ⅲ (300&450) EVA Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine (2)

TCB-Ⅲ (300&450) EVA Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine (2)

Technical Characteristics Process Function
Overall 6000(L)*600(W)*2000(H)mm Step 1:Feeding 
Weight 2000kg Step 2:Dust Clean
Working Speed 5-30m/min Step 3:Heating
Total Power w Step 4:Glue Spreading
Power of the heating gun 800W*6 Step 5:Heating
Certification CE Step 6:Film Laminating
Material Characteristics (customized Avaiable) Step 7:Wrapping
Max. Film Covering Width 300/400mm Step 8: Auto outfeeding
Max. process Thick 90mm  
Min Process Length 600mm  
Max. Diameter of Roll material 400mm  
Hot melt Glue barrel(customized Avaiable)  
The specification of glue barrel  200kg /barrel (55 gallon)  
Interior Diameter of glue barrel  280mm  
The working temperature 10-180 degree  
Working pressure 0.4-0.8mpa  
Heating power 6kw  
System Over-temperature Alarm  
Low Plastic Alarm  
EVA Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine
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EVA Hot Glue Profile Wrapping Machine